Privacy policy

Your privacy is important. We therefore handle your personal data with care and of course never sell it to others. Furthermore, we adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) as closely as possible. In this privacy statement you can read which data we process, who is responsible for it and what your rights are. Do you have questions? Then let us know. Our service team will be happy to assist you.

By using our website, you agree that we will store and process your personal data as we explain in this statement. You can revoke that permission at any time. Send an e-mail to support@seasonstunter.nl. We will then stop processing your data, no later than two weeks after your request.

First the administration. Our official name is Season Tunter, we are located in Sint Willebrord, Bremstraat 115, 4711 CG. We are registered in the Dutch trade register under Chamber of Commerce number 81763573. And as a Seizoenstunter, we are responsible for collecting, processing and sending your personal data. We do this in accordance with the GDPR and all applicable privacy legislation.

The data we process

We collect personal data at different times, for example when you:

  • create an account
  • have products from our shop delivered at home
  • pays for your products

We process your personal data because this is necessary to be able to execute our agreements and to represent our legitimate interest. These are the personal data we collect:


Your first and last name
We need your name to identify you, to talk to you and to deliver your products properly.

Your delivery address
We need your delivery address to be able to deliver the products to you. It also helps us distinguish you from other people with the same name. We may also use your address to send packages.

your e-mail adress
We prefer to communicate digitally. That is fast and sustainable. That's why we need your email address. This way we can send you updates about your order.

Your bank details
We need your account number to make sure you can pay for your products. If you pay with iDeal, we also keep the name of your account.

In addition to the personal data that you provide to us yourself (such as the matters above), we also collect data with cookies and comparable techniques. It concerns this data:

  • Information about the devices you use to visit our website. This concerns, for example, the unique device and advertise ID of your phone, version information about your operating system, the browser you use and settings of your device.
  • Information about how you use the Seasonal Tuner website. This concerns, for example, the pages you visit, the time at which you do so and the products that you ultimately have delivered.

Third Party Cookies
In addition to our own cookies, we also place 'third party cookies' from Facebook, Instagram and Google on our website. This is necessary to be able to show you our advertisements. Third party cookies are subject to their own privacy and cookie policies.

Why we process your data

We only use your data to:

  • To be able to deliver the products you order from us
  • Make your shopping experience better. For example, we help you find your regular purchases, your favorite products that match what you have bought before
  • To keep you informed about orders, delivery times, tips, products, offers and personal discounts. We use your e-mail address for this purpose and in doing so comply with European legislation on e-mail communication. You can always easily unsubscribe from those messages

How we keep your data

We keep your personal data for a reasonable period of time. The exact duration of that retention period depends on the data and what we need it for. We always need most of the data (such as your name, address and e-mail address) to be able to deliver your products, so we keep it as long as you have an account with us.

You can request us by e-mail to delete your data. For technical reasons this can take 14 days.

Who we share your data with

We only share your data with others if it is really necessary. In that case, we only share data that is relevant to them. And of course we only do that if we trust those organizations ourselves. We share data with the following parties:

  • In order to store and access data, we share it with our hosting provider.
  • In order to ensure that bills are paid, in some cases we share data with bailiffs, collection agencies or lawyers.
  • In order to be able to send digital newsletters, we share some data with providers of specialized software.
  • In order to provide you with a better shopping experience, we share some data with providers of specialized software.
  • In order to be able to deliver your products, we share some data with carriers that are not employed by us.
  • To make payments safe, we share some data with banks and banking service providers.
  • In order to show you our advertisements, we share some data with Facebook, Instagram and Google.

We guarantee that the parties above comply with the GDPR and our privacy statement. We never share data with parties not mentioned above.

Your rights

According to the GDPR you have the right to access your personal data. You also have the right to rectification or deletion of your data. In addition, you may ask us to limit the processing of your data. Finally, you can also object to the processing of your data on the basis of Article 6 (1) f of the GDPR.

If you want access to your personal data, please send an email to our service team. This also applies if you need help adjusting or deleting your data, if you want to request a restriction of the processing of your data, if you object to the processing of your data or if you want to provide your personal data in a legible and structured way. file to receive. We will answer your request as soon as possible, at the latest within a week.

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